Peggy's Stroman's Testimony

    Have you ever tried so hard to do what was right, but then, you make one mistake and your whole world comes tumbling down? Have you ever felt like a failure and a disappointment to those who count the most in your life? If your answer is "Yes", then you'll undoubtedly relate to my life's story.

    I was basically a moral person, always trying to do what was right. From early childhood to my young adult years, I religiously attended church with my parents, but never knew that one could have a personal relationship with God. But then, there were a lot of things that I didn't know. I didn't know that my feeble attempts at being a good moral person and my religious church attendance would not merit me entrance into heaven when I die. I didn't know that the only way to go to heaven is through God's Son, Jesus. He, being fully God and fully man, came for one purpose to save us from our sins that we might have eternal life. He who was without sin died in our place to take the penalty that we deserve. I didn't realize that without Christ in my life, even my best efforts would not make me righteous. The Bible tells us that none are righteous, no not one", "all have sinned and fall short of God's glory". I didn't know that I could have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. All I had to do was believe in my heart that Jesus died for my sins, that he was buried and was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures. Not knowing any of this and not having the power to resist sin, I struggled in my attempts to be the good moral person I thought I should be.

    I lived a comparatively sheltered life. After graduating from high school I entered Nursing School at which time I began to experience an independence and new found freedom that were all so new to me. Without the power to resist, I was tempted by all that the world had to offer and at the age of 20 my nursing education was interrupted by an out of wedlock pregnancy (You must keep in mind the attitude of the 60's was not like it is today). Since marriage was out of the question, what was I to do? How could I tell my parents? Suddenly my whole world seemed to come crashing down around me. I became heavily burdened by the guilt of my failure. It angered my dad and nearly broke my mother's heart, as she cried for days after being told. To this day I remember her words, "You are not keeping this baby". I was placed in a home for unwed mothers and had to give my baby up for adoption. It was a traumatic experience which caused a deep wound within me, especially since I've always had such a love for children. I had a beautiful little girl and I chose not to see her, because if I saw that precious little face it would be even more difficult to give her up. How did I know she was beautiful? All the girls in the Home that saw her would come to me daily, telling me that she was beautiful, trying to convince me to see her. It was like putting a knife in the wound and twisting it.

    In my attempt to win favor with my mother, we went on a 3 week tour of Europe together after I graduated from Nursing School. Upon returning home from my trip I met Joseph Stroman and little did I know he was to become my future husband. At the time he was very worldly, not the kind of young man your parents would approve of he literally swept me off my feet and without the power to resist sin, I became pregnant again. I panicked and stooped so low in my desperation that I ended the life of our unborn child. They call it ABORTION, but God calls it MURDER. Adding to the guilt of my first failure. I was now a murderer. But at this point I'd do anything not to hurt my parents again. Little did I know that my biggest offense was to God. To compound the problems, Joseph and I, not yet married, moved into an apartment together and for three years, instead of getting better, our relationship deteriorated.

    As I look back over my life in retrospect, I realize that God was trying to reach me to show me that He had a better way and that I was headed on a self destructive path. There were people that He brought into my life to plant in me seeds of faith in Him. My grandmother was one of those individuals. Her unwavering faith in Jesus Christ and committed life certainly affected me. An evangelist who came to town, exposed me to the unadulterated Word of God and the Good News of God's Way of salvation through Jesus Christ.. There was also a classmate in nursing school who seemed to relate to Jesus as her personal friend and I became envious of her relationship. The vehicle that God finally used to bring me into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ was Joseph Stroman. On Christmas of 1971, Joseph had a personal experience with the living God. It not only changed his life. but had a profound affect upon my life. He stopped using profanity and immediately severed his relationships with all the other women in his life and asked me to marry him. He said that he was going to follow Jesus and that he could no longer live in sin. We got married on January, 27,1972. I had everything, but there was still a void in my life. Joseph on the other hand was filled with excitement as he talked about his new relationship with Jesus Christ. His whole countenance had changed, he was filled with peace and joy. I thought he was a bit of a fanatic. reading his Bible and talking about Jesus all the time. But I began to realize that he had something that I didn't have.

    In desperation I cried out to God. "Please come into into my life" and He did. I asked for forgiveness for my sins,. realizing that God sent his only begotten Son to die in my place and that there is no other name under heaven by which we must be saved, but by Jesus Christ. That started the process of healing. Joe and I don't have any children of our own. but God had not only healed the wounds. He has brought us His children. Joseph and I have been serving the Lord since 1973 and in full time ministry since 1980. Joseph is the is and founder and Director of His Love Ministries. As his wife, and an instructor of God's Word, the Lord has given me the privilege of serving Him by ministering to His children.

    In Jesus Christ there is hope for the hopeless soul, power for the powerless sinner and victory for the defeated life, but each person must decide. for himself whether to receive Him. The Bible tells us in John 1:12 as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name". Have you received Jesus Christ by. inviting Him into your life as your personal Savior') If you haven't, today is the day of salvation. Pray sincerely

    Lord Jesus, please forgive me of all my sins.
    Come Lord Jesus, please come into my life
    and be my Savior and Lord. Give me the
    gift of eternal life.



    A Never Ending Journey of Faith By Peggy Ann Stroman
    Paperback, 271 pages

    $15.75  Plus shipping and handling.
    Within the pages of this autobiography, the author describes her journey of faith and the lessons she learned in walking with Jesus for more than three decades. Her experiences are captivating and exciting. Peggy is in full-time ministry with her husband Joseph, the founder and director of His Love Ministries, Inc.

    A Never Ending Journey of Faith is an autobiography and personal testimony of God’s faithfulness in Peggy’s life. Within the pages of this book, Peggy describes her journey of faith and the lessons she has learned. Her experiences are captivating and exciting. As God manifested His Presence, she witnessed creative miracles, such as…

      • Food being multiplied
      • Crooked limbs straightened
      • Paralyzed bodies healed
      • People delivered from demonic possession
      • A bank robber accept Christ in her home
      • An alcoholic get up off his knees sober right in her living room after he received Jesus as his personal Savior

    As you read this book, you will get a glimpse of Peggy’s struggles and victories as she has walked with Jesus during the beginning years of her journey of faith. Her desire is that this book will, in some way, encourage believers in their faith, and also reach those who have not yet come into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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